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Collier Research Systems

Analyzing Data

Collier Research Systems provides consulting services that support decision making to help you cut through uncertainty and make sound business choices.


We believe that the most impactful projects are the ones that effectively blend research and consulting. Good consulting should leverage a research approach - using the scientific method to solve challenging problems. Good research should be consultative in nature - focused on the end user with cost, schedule, and quality in mind.

At Collier Research Systems, we synthesize both mindsets to deliver practical insights and value creation in response to unique and challenging problems.

Decision Support

Consulting services to help navigate through  uncertainty.


Let us help you create a plan to reach your organizational objectives.

Business Analytics

Let us design a data-driven plan to improve performance.

Risk and Resilience

We incorporate the latest thinking in risk and resilience to avoid risks and leverage opportunities.


Training Courses

Learn new decision making skills, or just refresh your memory, with our customized training course offerings.

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