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  • Zachary Collier

4 Reasons Why You Might Need a Consultant

If, in the course of your work day, you have ever thought, “I sure wish I had some help with this project,” or “I’m not sure which strategy to choose,” then you need a consultant.

There are many reasons why you might need to bring in some outside help. Here are 4 top reasons why you need a consultant.

Reason #1: Identifying a problem. Rarely in business will you have a well-defined problem. Most of the time, what you think is the problem (for example, declining profitability) is really just the symptom of something else. Hiring someone with an outside perspective, who can diagnose and solve the core issues, is very beneficial to the long-term health of your organization.

Reason #2: Formulating and testing a strategy. While most companies are able to generate a strategy, there is a tendency not to think about how the strategy could be disrupted. Like any future-oriented exercise, there are always unforeseen events, trends, and changes that can derail even the best-laid plan. Not only can a consultant help develop your strategy, but a consultant can bring a unique perspective on what factors could cause your strategy to fail. Building contingencies and resilience into your strategy is worth it in the long run.

Reason #3: Supplementing capacity. Sometimes an organization just doesn’t have the time or personnel to complete certain tasks which are important but not urgent. For example, most companies collect some type of data, but not every company has the time to dig into the data and perform the analytics, especially when faced with the rigors of performing other day-to-day operational tasks. Hiring a consultant with expertise in business analytics, who can sift through the data and crunch the numbers, can reveal insights that can inform your operations and strategy.

Reason #4: Building organizational skills. Good decision making is a skill that every organization needs to continually develop. Skills like assessing and managing risks, weighing alternative courses of action, and analyzing complex data are all essential to making well-informed business decisions. A consultant who is an expert in these topics can provide the necessary in-house training to your staff to build these key skills.

There are other reasons why you might need a consultant. Regardless of the reason, it is important that you select a consultant with the experience and expertise necessary to ensure your company meets its goals.

At Collier Research Systems, we can support your organization in these four areas, as well as providing advice and guidance for your most complex decision problems. Leveraging state-of-the-art modeling and analysis methods, we can help you to gain clarity and insight into your most complex challenges. To learn more, visit:

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